May 21, 2014

Black-on-White Crime Continues to Increase Affecting Tourism in South Africa


Crime continues to increase in South Africa affecting tourism throughout the country, after reports circulated of yet another elderly person being attacked. A 66-year-old woman living in George was viciously attacked at her home. The woman sustained injuries to her face and body; she was taken to hospital by Paramedics who arrived on the scene shortly after the confrontation. The police said . . . Read more

Black Male Arrested in Montana in Connection with Murder of 38-Year-Old White Woman, Tina Hoult


Police have arrested a suspect in the death of 38-year-old Tina Hoult. Anthony Burries, 42, was taken into custody Monday evening . . .

[Police] issued an arrest warrant earlier Monday for Burries for First Degree Murder.

Authorities in Missouri made the arrest. Burries awaits extradition back to Omaha.

Police investigators earlier identified the woman whose body was found Sunday in a southwest Omaha apartment as . . . Read more

Riots Erupt Throughout MultiCult 'Paradise' That Is Brazil


. . . protests in 12 cities have marked the worst day in another awful week for Brazil as the government struggles with strikes, crime and public unease less than a month before the tournament kicks off.

Co-ordinated demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and elsewhere coincided with a military police strike – and spate of murders – in another World Cup host city, Recife, to add . . . Read more

Black Sex Offender Stabs Two White Women During Botched Bank Robbery


A former convict and registered sex offender was charged Friday with a federal weapons count linked to a botched southern Illinois bank holdup in which two women workers were stabbed to death and a third critically injured by a knife.

An armed James Watts, 29, was arrested Thursday . . . after leading police on a chase in one victim's new sport utility vehicle . . . The holdup occurred hours . . . Read more

'Three or Four' Blacks Pull-Up, Shoot, & Kill Young White Man, Alex Mazzan, While Walking on the Sidewalk


A man was killed in a shooting Monday night . . .

Alex Mazzan, 20, died in the shooting, which occurred while he was walking with another man . . .

. . . a newer model, white, four-door Nissan with three or four men inside pulled up to the men . . . Shots were fired from inside the vehicle toward the two men, striking Mazzan as he and the other man tried to hide . . . Read more