Hate Crime Stats

In 2005, the New Century Foundation published a 25 page report, The Color of Crime: Race, Crime, and Justice in America in which it analyzed crime data from several sources, including: FBI Uniform Crime Reports, National Crime Victimization Surveys, Supplementary Homicide Reports, Hate Crime Statistics, and the National Incident-Based Reporting System. Most of the data collected were from the years 2001-2003 -- although some data went back to as early as 1980.

Among it's major findings, were 1. that the justice system is not biased against blacks (and, in fact, seems to slightly favor them, which shouldn't be surprising considering most police officers understand that they can -- and often will -- be persecuted for arresting non-Whites) and 2. that blacks are roughly 40 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than the reverse.

It also found that the data are difficult to interpret because of the inconsistent manner in which they are reported. For instance, Hispanics are classified as "White" -- when they commit hate crimes against blacks -- but as "Hispanic" when hate crimes are committed against them. This makes it appear as if Whites are committing more hate crimes than they actually are. But even given this (in this editor's opinion) deliberate obfuscation, the data show that black-on-White crime is exponentially more common than the reverse and that it has reached epidemic proportions. Here are some of the annual statistics for the years 2001-2003 (keep in mind that Whites represented 72% of the population at the time and blacks about 13%):
  • There were almost 770,000 interracial violent crimes committed between blacks and Whites
  • Blacks committed 85% of those crimes
  • Blacks committed 39 times as many violent crimes against Whites (roughly 650,000) as vice versa
  • Blacks robbed 136 times as many Whites (139,000) as the reverse
  • Blacks raped 17 times as many White women (15,400) as the reverse (This number is certainly much higher, White men almost never rape black females. It is probably the most distorted of the ratios because of Hispanic-on-black crimes being counted as White-on-black.)
  • Blacks committed five times as many assaults on Whites (489,000)
  • Blacks murdered two-and-a-half times as many Whites 26,727) as vice versa (Another ratio that is far too low because of the distortion created by counting Hispanic-on-black crimes as White-on-black. Most of the black murders in this category were committed by Hispanic gang-members in turf wars.)
Perhaps the most shocking number is the multiple-offender rape (aka "gang rape") ratio. According to National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) estimates, blacks gang-raped approximately 10,000 white women per year during those years, the NCVS could not identify a single instance of Whites gang-raping a black female.

An oft-reported "fact" is that black-on-black crime is more common than black-on-White -- as if this somehow excuses black-on-White crimes. But according to DOJ data this isn't true. Although the numbers change slightly from year-to-year, for the years studied in the report, blacks committed roughly 57% of their crimes against non-blacks, including 45% against Whites, 10% against Hispanics, and 2% against others. Only 43% of black-perpetrated crime was against other blacks.

Finally, the reports analyzed by the New Century Foundation don't appear to cover crimes committed in prisons, including rape, that are overwhelmingly black-on-White. According to one report, No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons, there are as many as 140,000 prison rapes each year. If these crimes were included, the ratios would be even more staggering.


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  2. Our Jewish controlled government promotes white genocide