May 8, 2014

NOLA for Life? Then Rid New Orleans of the Source of Crime: Blacks


. . . it's just the dysfunction of blacks making New Orleans a dangerous, violent place, where the PR campaign NOLA FOR LIFE must waged to try and make a difference. 

In Key West, a much more licentious atmosphere can be found (Duval Street is more fun than Bourbon Street), but the shooting and chaos is absent; because the black population is negligible. 

But in New Orleans, it's . . . Read more

National Demonstration to Raise Awareness of Muslim Sex Gangs


On May 10th, the Reds are mobilising to stop the National Front's Anti-Grooming demo in Newcastle.

The Communists, supporting the Asian Groomers want to smash our demonstration? Will you stand with us?

White Teen, Home Sick from School, Foils Black Home Invaders


A . . . teen showed his bravery . . . and kept dispatch updated as a burglary unfolded inside his home.

On Wednesday afternoon, . . . Police received a call from the 16-year-old teen, who happened to be home sick from school. He reported a burglary at his home . . .

The teen locked himself in one of the bedrooms, took out a sword and stayed connected to 911 dispatchers throughout the incident. . . . Read more

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Black Murderer Who Killed the Wolfe Sisters in Their Home


. . . prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty for . . . [a] man if he's found guilty of killing his female neighbors in . . .

Allen Wade, 43, is awaiting trial on homicide charges. . . . police say he is suspected of shooting Sarah and Susan Wolfe in February at the home that the Wolfe sisters shared . . .

. . . Sarah Wolfe was killed when she returned home to find Susan Wolfe killed on the night of . . . Read more

Two Welsh Co-Eds Attacked, Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks While Traveling in S. Africa


Two North Wales students were subjected to a horrifying attack by men wielding knives in South Africa. The two women, one from Flintshire and the other from Gwynedd, were on a woodland eco trail in Knynsa when they were robbed.

The pair, who are in their early 20s, only flew out to the country on Friday as part of a six-week work placement through . . . Read more