Feb 6, 2014

What Is Life Like for the White Minority in South Africa?


Exactly what life is like for the White Minority in Baltimore[. And exactly the same as life is going to be for Whites in the rest of America, when where the minority.]

What would it be like to live as a white person in South Africa, a nation your ancestors created and yet has now been democratically taken away from you by black people . . . black people who have created the conditions that have directly led to that country's complete demise?

A country where the dispossession of . . . Read more

Black Wal-Mart Employee, Who Killed White Customer, Charged with Capital Murder


. . . Law enforcement says the Walmart employee had no connection to his victim. Martin was standing in line with her husband at the time of the shooting. . . .

. . . According to the arrest affidavit, Terrell admitted to shooting Martin six times.

He told detectives he felt threatened by her and that she had harassed him his whole life, however, he was unable to give any facts to . . . Read more

White Grandfather Opens Door to Young Negro Claiming He Is Being Chased, Negro Kills Him


A 69-year-old Minnesota man has been shot dead after opening his door to a man who claimed he was being chased.

Thomas Sonnenberg called 911 at 11:46am Friday for 20-year-old Devon Derrick Parker who police say told him he was being pursued by assailants with baseball bats. . . .

. . . [Sonnenberg's daughter said] "He thought he was helping someone in need, that's why he let him into . . . Read more

Body of White Woman Bound with Wire Before Black Attacker Set Her on Fire


The body of 35-year old Angela Serfass-Steigerwalt . . .may have been bound before being set ablaze in Jim Thorpe . . .

. . . Police reported seeing “the victim’s body, with what appeared to be a metal wires around the neck and also there were additional metal wires located underneath a wooden pole where what appeared to be legs would have been bound.”

. . . the report added that a Wal-Mart . . . Read more

Black Home Invader Whose Vicious Attack Caught on Nanny Cam Finally Indicted


A home invader whose vicious attack on a mother in front of her child was captured on the family's 'nanny cam' last year has been indicted on seven counts, including attempted murder.

Shawn Custis, 43, was caught on camera repeatedly kicking and punching a Millburn woman before throwing her down the stairs as her terrified three-year-old daughter cowered . . .

The woman was left with . . . Read more