May 30, 2014

How Long Until Police Departments Stop Publishing Crime Data by Race?

One day soon, a directive will come down from the White House - or perhaps the Supreme Court - demanding a cessation to crime data being broken down by race and being readily accessible to the general public. 

If you spend a few minutes on this site, you'll find the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission data breaking down gun violence (fatal and nonfatal) by race in the formerly . . . Read more

Black Border Agent Arrested for Helping to Smuggle Illegals Over Border

Black border patrol agent Marvin Davis has been arrested on charges that he was assisting illegal aliens come into the United States as long as he could profit off of turning the United States less White.

As it turns out we cannot even trust our own border agents. Perhaps when you do not have a distinct border, language and culture it is impossible to expect the border agents to do their job with any passion or vigor.

Many border agents from ICE have petitioned the Obama administration to literally allow them to do their job but Obama and people like Marvin Davis has different motives: namely making the United States as non-White as fast as possible. What do Obama and Davis have in common?

Well, we'll let you determine that, but first check out the official news report on this sickening story. 


Victim of Brutal Farm Attack Identifies Her Attackers by the Gloves One of Them Wore

There was a moment as Beth Bucher was being beaten and choked when she recognised the glove on her attacker’s hand as he forced it down her throat. It was the same kind her partner, Dan Knight, who had just been killed with a hammer, bought for his staff.

In the lounge of the couple’s Underberg farmhouse, Knight, 55, had been beaten with a hammer . . . Read more

Black Driver Given 12-Year Sentence for Intentionally Running-Down Group of White Joggers

An Arkansas man was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday for running down a group of joggers last fall . . .

Vincent Anderson, 19 . . . last month pleaded guilty to first-degree assault for the Oct. 28 attack, in which he drove a stolen 1994 Ford Thunderbird into a group of joggers . . . Three of the joggers suffered minor injuries. . . .

. . .[One victim] said the impact went beyond physical injuries. . . . Read more

Family Doubles Reward for Leads in Mystery of Murdered Pregnant Woman

. . . Police had originally responded to what was called in as a car crash, but when officers arrived, they found 22-year-old Amber Dawn Stokke dead inside. She had been shot multiple times. . . .

. . . originally Stokke's car hit the curb, plowed through a yard, and slammed into a fence . . . less than a mile away from where Stokke lived with her father and her roommate, who was in the car with her.

All the roommate was able to say was that it was a black male who approached the car they were in and shot Stokke. . . . Read more