Mar 4, 2014

Two of Marshall Coulter's Brothers Have Been Arrested in New Orleans


Two of Marshall Coulter's (the black 14-year-old "professional thief" Merritt Landry shot in 2013) Brothers have been arrested in New Orleans this year. One was for Armed Robbery... and he was 13-years-old.

Were America that evil, racist, white supremacist country our Nubian hegemons bemoan in the black-oriented press, those anointed white liberals over at MSNBC decry, or those faux-patriots over at Fox News deflect accusations of being, you would never have heard the end of the story of the Coulter boys down in New Orleans. . . . Read more

Four Adult Thugs Attack Random White Teenager in Hate Crime Attack


Four adults thugs, three white and one black, attacked a random white 16 year old in Brunswick, GA Walmart.

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Did You Beat a White Man to Death? No Problem, Just Claim He Said Something 'Racist'


A white man told a black man it was against the law to ride his bicycle on the footpath. The black man’s black friend was so outraged that a white man would dare tell a black man what to do that he beat the white man to death. In court, he claimed the white man said something racist, as if that somehow makes it okay. This is one more attack in a long list of attacks where white people have been beaten or murdered for asking black people to behave. It’s also another example of black people playing the racism card when confronted with attacking white people. Just claim they said something racist! The black killer’s black mother has also said she doesn’t care and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about (it’s just whitey, right?).
Gill claimed he attacked Andrew because he thought he was about to pull a weapon from his pocket and alleged he made a racist remark.
The court heard Gill punched Mr Young after he allegedly made a racist remark.

Media Desperate to Censor String of Black-on-White Hate Crime Attacks


Ames, Iowa is a small city that is only 3.4% black. So it is shocking to see multiple black on white hate crime attacks in the city. However, you should keep in mind that Iowa has one of the highest black murder rates in the nation. The black murder rate in Iowa is 13 times the national white murder rate.

In 2010, blacks made up . . . Read more

Police Name Black 'Person of Interest' in Slaying of Cheryl Gilberg


. . . Phillip A. Byrd, 39, . . . has been named a person of interest in the homicide investigation of Cheryl Gilberg . . . Byrd is being held . . . on charges of bail jumping and drug possession.

According to the criminal complaint, a prescription amphetamine pill bottle prescribed to Gilberg was found alongside prescriptions belonging to Byrd during the home search.

. . . Sheriff Dave Mahoney said in a news conference Tuesday the medical . . . Read more