Feb 14, 2014

'Blowtorch Rapist' Finally Caught in Detroit


. . . Blowtorch Rapist' Roderick Neeley was arrested after attacking a 43-year-old woman at gunpoint, stuffing her into his car, beating her and using a blowtorch on her feet before she stabbed him in the eye with a screwdriver and escaped. He is being held without bond and could possibly be connected to two other attacks in the area. . . . Read more

Hindu Male Kills Two Australians, then Complains about 'Racism' to Avoid Extradition


"I’m scared, I don’t want to go to Australia. Accidents happen everywhere, but they are treating this differently. I have no resources to fight (the case),” he told News Corp Australia.

His mother said outside the court that “accidents happen all the time”.

“So many Indians were killed in Australia probably in cold-blooded ways. What about those?” she added. . . .

. . . His father told Fairfax Puneet was a . . . Read more

White Woman Raped by Black 'Teen' Hired to do Yard Work


Police say Markeon Jones . . . went door-to-door offering to shovel snow and rake leaves . . . when a homeowner hired him.

The homeowner left a short time later and police say that’s when Jones forced himself into the home and sexually assaulted the 28-year-old female victim inside.

According to the charging documents, Jones forcibly raped and abused her for several hours before fleeing the . . . Read more

Black Killer Released Just Days Before Murdering Brandy Keenan


. . . Records show that Briceson Carter bounced around the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish as a kid, living at different addresses, especially after his mother died of cancer when he was 14 years old.

It’s where he caught his first adult arrest – for fighting – at age 17. It’s where his brother was murdered when Carter was 18.

And it’s where, on Oct. 12, he . . . Read more

Florida Executes Mestizo Who Kidnapped, Raped, & Killed 9-YO White Boy


. . . In a crime that deeply shocked Florida, Juan Carlos Chavez kidnapped, raped, and murdered the boy in 1995, hiding his dismembered remains in planters sealed with concrete. He said nothing as he went to his death, though he earlier released a rambling statement filled with religious references but no word of apology, the Miami Herald reports.

The boy's father, 70-year-old Don Ryce, witnessed . . . Read more