Mar 13, 2014

Brutal Hate Crime Mob Attack at Bus Stop


Media logic: White victims of random black on white hate crime violence are only hate crime victims if they happen to by homosexual or Jewish.

A white male was horrifically beaten in a random hate crime. He has serious injuries. Minneapolis has seen a HUGE number of random black on white hate crime attacks and the media covers it up. The media wouldn’t even be reporting this story except the victim just happened to be homosexual. So it is depicted as an anti-homosexual crime.

The media in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market are some of the worst offenders in the nation when it comes to censoring hate crime against white people. They always refuse to report the race of the perpetrators.

This website exposed the mass censorship of black on white hate crime violence against University students in Minneapolis. We used bulletins from the UM campus police website to learn the truth about the “crime wave” on campus. Every single crime for months had a black perpetrator and much of the crime were random hate crime style attacks on white people. Immediately after this website exposed the coverup, black students groups and black faculty members started demanding that the campus police censor the race of crime perpetrators on their bulletins.

Two Black Females Shoot & Kill White Grandfather Protecting His Stepdaughter


. . . [The stepdaughter told police the attackers] jumped out of their car, armed with a gun, and demanded the victims hand over their cash . . .

. . . Perry was complying with the demands when he saw Atkins pointing the gun at his step-daughter and grabbed it. During the struggle, neighbors reported hearing three gun shots.

Perry died at the scene . . . Read more

White Couple Injured in Attack by Machete-Wielding Blacks


. . . attack by six black males badly injures Afrikaner couple at Pienaars Dam in the mountain hut Middelburg Mpumalanga – Reported by their son-in-law Wikus Lee and the victim’s daughter Marie Fourie : “Can anyone help please. My in-laws were attacked by six panga-men at the Pienaarsdam in the mountain hut Middelburg. They are terribly injured and struggle to get help . . . Read more

Black HIV Positive Male Videotaped Himself Having Sex with More than 30 Different Victims


. . . Michael Johnson, 22, was charged with exposing sexual partners to HIV. Police later discovered multiple videos of Johnson having unprotected sex.

They believe those partners were unaware Johnson was HIV positive and that they were being videotaped.

The startling details were revealed after hidden camera sex tapes were uncovered, according to prosecutors.

“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson . . . Read more

Black Burglar Found Guilty of Shooting White Police Officer


. . . Florissant police officers responded to a call of a burglary . . . around 3 a.m. on May 28, 2012. . . .

. . . Officer Mike Vernon was searching for the suspect . . . when he came across some suspicious clothes.

Authorities said Vernon got out of his car and was checking out the clothes when Cannon jumped out of a dumpster and fired five shots, striking Vernon in the shoulder, chest and leg. . . . Read more