Jul 26, 2014

Witchita Massacre Death Sentences Overturned by Kansas Court

. . . The Carr brothers' crimes are among the most notorious in the state since the 1959 slayings of a western Kansas family that inspired the classic book, "In Cold Blood." (sic)

The victims in the December 2000 attacks that culminated in a bloody scene in a snowy field were: Aaron Sander, 29; Brad Heyka, 27; Jason Befort, 26; and Heather Muller, 25. Another woman who was shot . . . Read more

See also: Witchita-Massacre.com


  1. Also because The Generation That Can't can't even execute someone without botching the task, making the condemned person gasp and snort and call for his momma for 90 minutes (per the ACLU, cruel and unusual punishment).

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      These things are not human; just a slightly more advanced ape than a chimpanzee.

  2. Alrighty then...here is what justice demands when our justice system lets us down. We should hunt these apes down and sting them up to a high tree until they are dead.

    This is in my humble opinion! If they kill anybody else, the judge should be held accountable for manslaughter for HIS bad decision.