Jul 3, 2014

Another Black Thug Shot and Killed by Victim, MSM and Black Community Assure Us 'he was a good boy'

Just watch the video.

And remember.

Isiah Haggins Jr. is Trayvon Martin. . . .
Security will be increase at a . . . store where the owner fatally shot a teenager who, along with another suspect, was allegedly trying to rob the business at gunpoint Monday. The death of Isiah Haggins Jr., 16 . . . was officially ruled a homicide . . .

The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. . . . the teen and another suspect entered . . . armed with guns and demanded cash. The store owner, who's been . . .
Though the article seems to have been edited (to get rid of Haggins' families whining, which helps identify him as just another black thug behind - and justifying - the white flight from Dayton), here's what was originally posted at WHIO.com . . . Read more

'Gangsta' Rapper Ice-T's New Video Features the Repeated Killings of White People for 'Talking S***'

Strange or.. "nah?"

Gangster musician Ice-T and his group Body Count's new video called "Talk Shit, Get Shot" has raised some real eyebrows as of late.

Apparently in the video (linked second below) features tons of killing by a group of Black vigilantes and as it turns out, each and every single one of the victims of the gunfire are White... exclusively.

So much for DIEversity, aye?

TMZ recently confronted Ice-T about this and he was quick to dismiss it as no big deal and if anything it was the fault of the video's producer "Frank" who we have identified as Frank Nasso.

Please keep in mind that such violent Black music does inspire its listeners to act out on ideas that the music conveys and with the music video now reaching nearly 600,000 plays, we wonder how many of those 600,000 are angry young Black males who will use this video for inspiration.

We should also add that T's grandson was just arrested for killing his roommate, who was Black. Perhaps the roommate was "talking shit?"

White TV Host Attacked by Blacks While Filming in NYC

A White prankster on the channel Denniscee TV was nearly choked and beaten to death by multiple unfriendly American-Africans after filming his most recent prank video in which the purpose is to take "Selfies" (pictures of yourself for all you oldersters) in New York City.

The idea is that he would go, stand in front of American-Africans and take a picture of himself but it . . . Read more

World Famous Photographer Battered and Robbed by Blacks in South Africa

World famous South African photographer David Goldblatt and documentary film-maker Cliff Bestall were assaulted and robbed while filming the elephant sculptures by Andries Botha at Warwick Junction yesterday morning.

David Goldblatt (83) was injured during the incident and is currently ­recovering in hospital. Photographic and film equipment . . . Read more

Negro Abducts and Kills White Teen, Stuffs Her Body in a Bag and Carries it Past Her Worried Mother

. . . [A] man charged with killing a teenage girl stuffed her body in a playpen bag and carried it past her mother — even offering the woman a chance to "buy a baby thing" — before disposing of the remains in the trash . . .

Ricki D. Williams IV, 18 . . . was held without bond after a court hearing Wednesday in the June 23 death of 16-year-old Gina Burger . . . Read more