Jul 3, 2014

White TV Host Attacked by Blacks While Filming in NYC

A White prankster on the channel Denniscee TV was nearly choked and beaten to death by multiple unfriendly American-Africans after filming his most recent prank video in which the purpose is to take "Selfies" (pictures of yourself for all you oldersters) in New York City.

The idea is that he would go, stand in front of American-Africans and take a picture of himself but it . . . Read more

1 comment:

  1. The kid did act like a jerk. But the central issue is that black guys see the white guy as pussy-boy dork, member of the 'faggoty' inferior race to push around.

    If a black guy did this to whites, whites would be too afraid to do anything about it. If whites raised a fuss, the black guy with the iPhone would kick their ass.