Jul 3, 2014

'Gangsta' Rapper Ice-T's New Video Features the Repeated Killings of White People for 'Talking S***'

Strange or.. "nah?"

Gangster musician Ice-T and his group Body Count's new video called "Talk Shit, Get Shot" has raised some real eyebrows as of late.

Apparently in the video (linked second below) features tons of killing by a group of Black vigilantes and as it turns out, each and every single one of the victims of the gunfire are White... exclusively.

So much for DIEversity, aye?

TMZ recently confronted Ice-T about this and he was quick to dismiss it as no big deal and if anything it was the fault of the video's producer "Frank" who we have identified as Frank Nasso.

Please keep in mind that such violent Black music does inspire its listeners to act out on ideas that the music conveys and with the music video now reaching nearly 600,000 plays, we wonder how many of those 600,000 are angry young Black males who will use this video for inspiration.

We should also add that T's grandson was just arrested for killing his roommate, who was Black. Perhaps the roommate was "talking shit?"

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