Feb 26, 2014

Anti-White Website Promotes the Rape of White Women to Advance White Genocide


This picture was sent to the communist youth organization "Die Josefjugend (JJ)" together with the following message: “Can we count on all members? Let’s go forward with the genocide – NOW!”
The picture was originally published on the Facebook page of the "Die Antifa e.V.", and it was deleted shortly after. It was thanks to attentive net users that this filth could be secured.
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Family of Disabled White Man Killed by 'Single Punch' Outraged at Four-Year Sentence for Black Killer


What a sick joke: Four years' jail for thug who'll be out in two after he ended a vulnerable man's life by punching him when he complained about a cyclist on pavement.
  • Andrew Young, 40, died in hospital after he was punched by Lewis Gill
  • Mr Young had become involved in an argument with Gill's friend
  • CCTV footage shows Mr Young falling backwards and striking his . . . Read more

White Bus Driver Attacked in Black Gang Initiation


An RTA bus driver survived being shot and stabbed in a seemingly random attack Monday he told police occurred during what he believes was some kind of gang initiation.

Rickey Wagoner, 49, . . . was standing outside his bus . . . when three males assaulted him. He described his attackers as black teenagers who were wearing dark colored hoodies. All three wore dark blue bandannas to obscure their faces. . . . Read more

Non-White Assaults Whites Picnicking in Hawaii


On 2-15-2014 my wife and I, both Kihei residents, and our friends visiting Maui for the first time, were having dinner at Kalama Beach Park. A man at a nearby picnic table wound up and threw a small hard object at a nearby dog that was tied up next to the bathrooms. As a dog lover I stood up and said, "hey man, why did you do that." He claimed he wasn't aiming for the dog. At that point a man at another table comes over and begins threatening us. Prior to my wife recording, when she stood up to explain what we were upset about, the dog being mistreated, this man threatened to hit her and that he didn't care that she was a woman. That he would also rape her. Around this point is when the video starts.

As heard in the video he repeatedly tells us to "mind our own fucking business"

"who cares brah. This is Hawaii we do whatever the fuck we want out here - abuse dogs, hit women, that's all we do.

"you know what I don't like, dumb white people like you guys. Fuck you guys. Cuz you guys took this land from us. Fuck white people, fuck white people."

"These are fucking tourists. Fuck that, we are fucking locals." Fuck white people they took our land."

We live here and this was a horrible introduction to Maui for our friends to say the least. When we moved here we had heard horror stories online of similar sentiments but our time on the island has been nothing but the opposite. We have felt so much Aloha from locals and Hawaiian's 99.9999% of the time. This guy is the exception and not the rule. I do feel this video needs to be public so these type of sentiments against other races, women, and animals can be condemned and the perpetrator can be identified.

MPD arrived very quickly and has the video.

Paul Kersey Comments on the Black-on-White Hammer Attack on David Woods


Just remember this one, simple, indisputable fact: . . . it takes an endless barrage of propaganda – never ceasing, perpetually unrelenting – to maintain the degenerate course the United States of America has taken since the war on Freedom of Association became a rout.

Freedom of the Association means the right to discriminate, and when the entire modus operandi of the Federal Government is to openly discriminate against white . . . Read more