Feb 21, 2014

Florida 'Newspaper' Claims Blacks Are Being Killed-Off by Whites


The paper published an article saying that young black males are being mass murdered by racist white people. The article only cites one example of a black man man killed by a white people, yet claims the number of killings is tantamount to genocide.

Blacks commit murder at nine times the white rate. Virtually all interracial crime between blacks and white involves a white victim and a black perpetrator. . . . Read more

Another Racially-Motivated Black-on-White Attacker not Charged with Hate Crime


I am no longer amazed at the blatant double standard in America when it comes to black on white crimes. A case that should have been clearly labeled a “hate crime” has received national attention is being forgotten — because as usual, the liberal media gave it little coverage.

In September of 2012, white University of Minnesota student Colton Gleason was walking with friends in St. . . . Read more

One of the Black Males Who Kidnapped, Raped, & Killed 15-YO White Girl in 1989 Will Finally Be Punished


. . . [Michael] Taylor is scheduled to be put to death next Wednesday for the 1989 killing of 15-year-old Ann Harrison. . . .

. . . Taylor, now 47, and co-defendant Roderick Nunley, 48, both pleaded guilty in 1991 to kidnapping Ann from in front of her . . . home while she waited for the school bus. She was raped and stabbed to death.

Taylor in 2006, and Nunley in 2010, came . . . Read more

Black Male Charged in the Murder of John Serpe


John Serpe, 44, of Downers Grove, was shot and killed during an armed robbery . . .

A 41-year-old Chicago man has been charged with first-degree murder after police said he fatally shot a Downers Grove man during an armed robbery . . .

Anthony Tucker . . . has also been charged with one count of felony robbery armed with a discharged firearm and two counts of robbery armed with . . . Read more

Muslim Killers of White Soldier, Lee Rigby, to Be Sentenced Wednesday


Sentencing of the imported Muslim[s] . . . who murdered Lee Rigby will take place on Wednesday, 26th February, 2014.

This savage act is unprecedented in British history and The British National Party and British Veterans Group members will be attendance at The Old Bailey from 9am.

Justice would only be served on [them] if the judge said “Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, you will be taken hence to . . . Read more