Mar 24, 2014

White Martyrs


Whites who have been threatened, assaulted and/or murdered because they dared to stand up for white people: . . . Read more

Black Male Savagely Attacks 63-Year-Old White Bus Driver


The sickening attack comes weeks after two teenage girls punched, kicked and spat on an elderly man on a bus . . .

Yesterday’s attack occurred about 8:30 am at . . .

Video of the incident shows the driver, 63, being dragged on the ground outside the bus and being kicked by his attacker.

Police said the passenger boarded the bus and tried to pay with a prepaid travel card . . . Read more

Black Rapist Held on Pair of Rape Charges


Editor's Note: Because courts routinely (and unconstitutionally) with-hold the names of females in sexual-assault cases, the race of the victim is not known. But in the overwhelming majority of these types of cases, the victims are White. Blacks rape almost 40,000 White women every year (in America alone), by contrast, Whites rape fewer than 10 black women each year.

Arraigned by video from the Rockingham County House of Corrections, for the pair of charges alleging rape, was Marc Donald Jean-Michel, 37, of 104 Ledgewood Drive #9, Portsmouth. A native of Haiti, Jean-Michel was arraigned with assistance from a French translator and told the court he works in Rye as a licensed practical nurse, while living in Portsmouth with his wife and child.

Judge Sawako Gardner read the charges to Jean-Michel, one of which alleges that in May he held a woman down in a car and raped her. The second charge alleges that on the same date Jean-Michel raped the woman after she said “don't” and pushed his chest with her hands.
. . . Read more

Black Gunman Kidnaps White Couple, the Male Victim Kills Him with His Own Gun While He's Raping the Woman


Police say at about 9:30 p.m. a couple took a stroll . . . a man with a gun forced them into a construction site at the school.

Police say the 26-year-old gunman forced the couple into the school yard and sexually assaulted the woman. Somehow, the male victim managed to get the attacker's gun and shot him. He later died at a hospital. . . . Read more

Elderly White Woman Discouraged from Calling Police after Being attacked by Black Patron at Wal-Mart


A man assaults an elderly woman in a Wal-Mart but now the store is under fire for not calling police in San Bernardino. . . .

She fights back, the necklace ends up on the ground, and he runs away.

Linda Andrade, 68, says Wal-Mart managers then discouraged her from calling police.

"She says well if you want me to call the police... You'll have to . . . Read more