May 28, 2014

Mail & Guardian Publishes Hate Speech by Anti-White Propagandist

. . . Mail and Guardian publish[es] anti-white hate incitements by black racist propagandist Andile Mnxingtama – Andile Mngxitama is not a journalist – he is merely a black-racist liar whose entire adult career has been misspent inciting black people to kill white South Africans.

In the past his articles have even forced newspapers to publish retractions because of his lies and gross propaganda misrepresentations. Anything . . . Mnxcitama writes must . . . Read more

Two Gangbangers Video-Recorded as they Beat and Rob Two White Females Walking Their Dog, Authorities Refuse to Describe them as Black

In a case of what is PLAINLY two Black males on bicycles, the media and the local police department is pretending to be "colorblind" after two White females who were walking their dog were viciously beaten and robbed.

The news report below contains surveillance video that features the vicious attack in which the two BLACK MALES went after the two WHITE FEMALES.

Here is what . . . Read more

More than 250 Arrested in Connection with Black Violence of 'Urban Beach Week'

Just as the media is censoring the violence at Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, they are censoring violence at Black Beach Weekend in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. . . .

. . . It seems that because of crack downs in Miami, some of the annual violence took place in Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. Miami police arrested 225 people in connection with the event. This is down from 413 . . . Read more

Black Male, Only in Town Eight Weeks, Kills Hockey Mom, Julie Paskall in 'Robbery Gone Wrong'

Paskall was assaulted in the parking lot of [an ice rink] while waiting to pick up her teenage son, Cailean, who was refereeing a hockey game the night of Dec. 29, 2013.

She was taken to hospital where she was placed on life support, but she died days later, on New Year's Eve.

At the time, police described the attack as a robbery gone wrong. Hackett confirmed that . . . Read more

Black Shooter Arrested for Killing Matthew Pech, Injuring Two Others at Party

One person is dead and two people were sent to the hospital after an early Saturday morning shooting . . .

We were told there was a party at the residence. Police were already on their way to the home when they received several calls about a shooting.

. . . When authorities arrived, they found a man - later identified as 27-year-old Matthew Pech - dead on the scene. . . . Read more