Apr 17, 2014

NBC Philly Refuses to Report Violent Black-on-White Mob Attack


Another random white victim was picked at random and brutally beaten by a group of black males. Rather than help the public identify the dangerous at large perps, NBC Philadelphia censors the description of the attackers. They describe the attackers as “group of guys.”

The station even admits that police have surveillance video of the attackers, but refuses to give any description. NBC Philly thinks political correctness vastly outweighs public safety!

Philadelphia is ground zero for racially motivated black on white hate crimes. Black on Asian hate crimes are also common. This website has been reporting on it for years. In the past we even published maps of where whites and Asians are most likely to be attacked.

If the races were reversed, this same station would be screaming “racially motivated hate crime.”

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Black Killer Indicted on RICO Charges in Murder/Robbery of White Jewelry Store Manager


A grand jury has indicted the suspect in the 2011 homicide of jewelry store manager Steve Toms not only for murder and armed robbery, but for joining four others in a criminal enterprise in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

For Toms’ Nov. 15, 2011, fatal shooting in the Gold & Silver Trading Center . . . Michael Jerome Johnson was indicted on two counts . . . Read more

54-Year-Old Black Male Sentenced for Throwing Hot Coffee in the Face of Young White Female Cashier


. . . Prosecuctor [sic] Morgan Vedejs says defendant David Timbers had pleaded guilty to a crime caught on surveillance video.

“He got into a verbal argument with one of the cashiers in regards to what he paid for, that [sic] he pulled a cup from her hand and threw it at her. That cup was filled with hot coffee that caused second degree burns to the neck and arm . . . Read more

Black Suspect in Murder of White Soldier and His Pregnant Wife Now Faces New Charges


. . . The new charges stem from crimes Macyo January allegedly committed while locked up for the murders of Staff Sergeant David Dunlap and Whitney Butler. Both were shot to death as they entered their home during a burglary in progress in early 2013.

. . . January snuck out of his jail cell on April 6, then assaulted and bit another inmate. He also "shoved" another person within the . . . Read more

Catholic School Principle Says Black Students Showed 'heroic restraint' in not Attacking White Students


Two students at a Catholic school in Long Island were initially expelled for the maximum ten days for bringing a Confederate flag to an after-school sporting event. Now principal Gary Cregan, who is a Catholic monk, has increased the penalty to expulsion. The extremely effeminate principal publicly told the media that the school’s black students showed “heroic restraint” for not attacking the two white . . . Read more