Feb 27, 2014

Media Censors Racially Motivated Mob Attack on Four White College Students


At least four college students in Cincinnati were attacked by a mob of black teenagers. The media is censoring the race of the perpetrators. If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story and the media would list the race of the perps and the victims in the headline.

WLWT (NBC), WKRC (CBS), FOX19, and the local Cincinnati Courier all reported the assaults, interviewed victims, looked at police reports, and knew full well what the race of the perpetrators are. They censored that information because they believe that political correctness is far more important than public safety. In each case, the media referred to the vicious perpetrators as “teens,” “teenagers,” or “boys.”

The thugs didn’t steal anything, they simply wanted to beat up some random white people.

Watch interview with one of the hate crime victims.

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