Jun 23, 2014

Black Shooter Blames 'Racism' for the Fact that He Is Being Prosecuted for Crippling Random White Female

Micheal Smith, a vicious career criminal, is charged with the random shooting of a female college student in Columbia, SC. He claims he is being unfairly persecuted because the victim is white. In a tape recorded jailhouse conversation, the suspect says “I didn’t try to shoot that damn bitch.” He also says he is a victim of media driven persecution “because she’s white.”

The thug was just sentenced for a number of gun related charges and still faces charges for the senseless near fatal shooting of a beautiful young white female college student. The victim, Martha Childress , was left paralyzed.

Police say that the perp shot Childress while trying to hit two other gangbangers. Smith seems to think that since he was aiming for other people, he shouldn’t be prosecuted for crippling Childress.



  1. The sooner the race war starts, the better!

  2. This is so true. They have made it a certainty. The only question is whether we want to be a majority or a minority when it happens.