Jul 18, 2014

Black Killer Caught after Bragging about Killing a White Gas Station Attendant Claims He 'Skipped' away from the Scene of the Crime

. . . 22-year-old Desi Thomas, wearing an unofficial Trayvon Martin hooded sweatshirt, a ball cap, and a bandanna cover his face, gunned down Thomas as he worked . . .

It might not have been glamorous work, but Briggs was a contributing member to society. His role was necessary in ensuring a community could exist; Thomas' role is ensuring that community cannot exist, unless plexiglas is installed (the . . . Read more

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  1. Isn't it a crying shame that white people can't walk down the street without being raped, killed or injured by a black? How long is the white people going to let this continue before they demand segregation?

    For those who care, I know that there are a few good blacks; however, the vast majority are no good. Blacks as a group have never evolved enough to live in a civilization. They belong in the rain forests of Africa where they came from.