Jul 29, 2014

DNA Helps Catch Black Ski Mask-Wearing Sex Offender Who Raped 16-Year-Old White Girl in 1990

. . . the DAs office began testing sexual assault cases from 1990 that met a certain criteria. . . .

. . . Lee Marvin Banks, who lived at the same motel, is the man who raped the girl, according to DNA testing. . . .

. . . During the attack, the rapist wore a ski mask. The victim, who was white, partially pulled up the mask and believed she recognized her assailant as Phillips, who is black. They lived at the same Dallas motel.

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    Our government is no longer on our side, so we must insure that justice is done to these animals. This same type of rape occurs about 35000 times per year against our white women. Blacks beat, rob, rape, and kill whites on a daily basis, but whites do nothing in return (who are the rasists here?)

    If this animal had done this to anyone I know, it would have been one dead negro. I think we as a people should euthanize these apes because they are dangerous to our people.

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