Jun 5, 2014

White Men Come to the Rescue of White Woman Being Attacked by Muslim Mob

I can’t believe this!!!! This is a gift from God!!! I thought England was totally lost. DOA. But apparently there’s still a beating heart, and pulsing blood left in Old Blighty. Englishman fight, in public, attacking Dune Coon Sand Nigger vermin!!! Huzzah! I don’t believe it.

It’s not just the fighting. It’s the reflexive racial instincts. English men band together to help each other, and protect each other. Apparently some sand nigger went after an English woman, her brother went to her defense, the raghead trash piled on him, and then other Men of England joined in to help their brother. ‘Zounds! BRILLIANT!!!

Keep going, lads! You are England! Keep going! Get every Dune Coon, Ghetto Ape, Orc, and every God Damned Zionist Jew, that brought all the Orcs in. Purge every last one of them! England is your land, your soil, your native home! England is for the English, and English means WHITE!!!!

Special love and kudos to the dark-haired young Hero, in the white short sleeved shirt, who is jumped by the Black Beast around the .25 mark, and then…..does what needs to be done, and then goes Berserker! All my Love and Appreciation to the Young Lion!



  1. The English are a tough bunch. I've read many a conversation between people about the English being weak etc but it's total BS. English along with the Irish and Scots are a tough bunch and I honestly worry less about them than I do Scandinavians -- like Swedes , for example.