Jun 5, 2014

White Men Make Citizens' Arrest of Black Purse Snatcher

Three . . . White samaritans caught a Black purse snatcher in the act who was abusing an elderly White woman.

Thankfully they were able to apprehend her and perform a citizens arrest.

Unfortunately, the young thug started biting the man who was holding her down. He then used forced to defend himself from her assault.

"Police identified Mikayla Danielle Hull, 24, as the suspect held for the 1:20 p.m. Tuesday purse-snatching at Ottawa Avenue NW and Monroe Center. She is jailed and awaiting arraignment.

The video has generated high interest among MLive readers, mostly because of a physical exchange between Hull and bystander Jonathan Damon. As Damon holds Hull down until police arrive, the woman can be seen biting his wrist and Damon, in response, punches her head.

The owner of the purse, a 75-year-old woman, sustained a minor injury after she fell and hit her chin while trying to stop the snatcher.

Hull is to be charged with larceny from a person and aggravated assault, Grand Rapids police Capt. Pete McWatters said."


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