Mar 12, 2014

Non-Whites and Sex Crime in the UK


Concerns about the amount of serious sexual crimes that have recently been committed by non-UK nationals/immigrants throughout Britain.

After entering the website, I was shocked to find out not only how many serious sexual crimes have been committed by immigrants, but also how many of these dangerous criminals remain at liberty under the current government.

The severity of the crimes is apparent as each profile is read, some of which are so heinous, they are very upsetting to read.

It appears that the current government’s policy in relation to dealing with the influx of foreign nationals into the UK has yet another major flaw, but this time the direct consequences are highlighted in serious sexual crimes being committed against the British public.

Of 37 wanted criminals from the serious sexual crimes information page, 28 of the individuals are of foreign nationality, the majority of them being Muslim, the others from an eastern European background.

This means that approximately 74% of sexual offenders wanted on Crimestoppers in the UK are not originally British.

In 2007, 85 000 women were raped. In the same year over 23 000 children were sexually assaulted.

It is impossible to say accurately without having access to the individual cases, but it would be fair to estimate that over 60 000 of these crimes were committed by persons not originally from Britain.

If the above figures are not shocking enough, please consider the implications that sexual crime has on society. Not only are the victims themselves emotionally and physically scarred for life, but British communities are being destroyed with fear. Nobody in their right mind would choose to raise children where there is a risk of them coming into contact with a paedophile; no parent would wish to leave their daughter at a disco where there is a possibility that a rapist dances next to them; no father would wish to let his son play five a side football in the park, where the referee may be a sex offender. Something has to change, and deporting immigrant criminals is the starting place.

We cannot possible know who all these evil people are in our community - that is up to the police - but through control of immigration we can take serious strides in protecting every British person from the fear of a sexually related crime.

The answer is simple: we have enough criminals already in Great Britain; nobody who has committed a sexual crime should be allowed into the country, and any foreign national who has been convicted of a sexual offence should be deported.

Enough is enough: we need to protect our women and children from the fear of sexually related crime now, and tackling immigrant criminals would be a good start.

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