Mar 7, 2014

My Tram Experience in Sweden

  • Afghani immigrant voluntarily living in Sweden
  • Calls Swedes “disgusting”
  • Says he could kill Swedes “in seconds.”
  • Says he has a Swedish girlfriend, and he killed her dog.
  • Complains that Sweden forces him to “write lots of papers” to get welfare.
  • Says “the Taliban are back, the mujahideen are back. Allahu akbar!”
  • Says he has come to Sweden to stay. “If you try to throw me out, I will kill ten Swedes.”
  • Says “you have taken our lives in Afghanistan, you have taken the whole of Africa’s lives”
  • Complains “You can drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my cannabis.”
  • Says the reason he moved to Sweden was to protect his little sisters (also living in Sweden) from being raped by disgusting Swedes.
  • Says he is much stronger than the Swedes
  • Spits in the faces of the elderly Swedish passengers
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