Apr 10, 2014

Raw Story Publishes Anti-White 'Hate-Crime' Hoax, SPLC Promotes the Lie


The is the headline promoted by the SPLC, a notorious left-wing fundraising hustle: Four Michigan men arrested for viciously beating Army veteran because they thought he was a “nigger lover.” They link to Raw Story which claims veteran Adam Wagner was brutally beaten by three men in Livonia, MI because he came to the aid of a black female clerk.

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  1. What else is new? It's what the so called "authorities" do as well. If a mestizo commits a hate crime against a negro, for example, the vast majority of the time the mestizo is categorized as "white." That is how desperate they are to inflate the white violent crime rates. But if on the rare occasion a white person commits some kind of violent crime against a mestizo, that mestizo mongrel is then categorized as "hispanic," which is itself wrong, because "Hispanics" are white people in SPAIN.

  2. I have had to quit reading Raw Story, it seems they encourage hate, hate of any kind. The more anti-something is the more Raw Story will publish. The majority of there followers are foul mouthed anti-everything.