May 20, 2014

Black Attacker Stabbed White College Student, Margriet Muller, in the Back While She Was Running Away


Afrikaner student Magriet Muller, 23, survives 8 stab wounds from black male attacker while jogging . . .

. . . The man attacked the Afrikaans girl on the same night when another Stellenbosch student, Ilzé-Dene Oberholzer, 21, escaped from a black-male gang who had kidnapped her while she was walking from her car to the university hall where she had to write a test.

Ms. Muller is recovering at . . . Read more

1 comment:

  1. Nowhere in the report in Die Burger it was mentioned that it was a black man. That part was made up by some racist organisation. Also, she received eight stiches, not eight stabs. So besides being racist, they are also illiterate idiots. Stop playing the race card! People of colour are attacked in exactly the same way.