May 3, 2014

May's Petition to End Racial Violence Is Now Available (We only need 28 more signatures to 'become visible')

The Petition to End Racial Violence (PERV) for May 2014 is now available to sign. As of this writing, we need 28 more signatures to "become visible," i.e. listed in the "Open Petitions" page of the White House website.

Please sign it and help us to promote it. All of the links for the petition's web banners have been updated with the latest address -- pointing them to this month's Petition. You can get them here: Petition to End Racial Violence Web Banners

This page contains web banners created to help you promote the PERV. To use them, simply copy and paste the code in the description of each banner, into your website, blog, or social media pages.

Thank you for signing and promoting. If you'd like to learn more about why you should sign, please see: Why You Should Sign the Petition

If you'd like to help us to get the 150 signatures needed each month, to make the PERV 'visible' on the White House website as quickly as possible, please consider becoming a stalwart. Stalwarts receive an email as soon as the petition is posted each month, so that they can be among the first to sign it.

To become a stalwart, email me at with the words "Add me" in the subject line. To learn more see: Join Our Stalwarts

1 comment:

  1. Sick of all the hate my White brothers and sisters go through in the US.

    I think Whites should pray about it as well. It's as much a spiritual battle as it is something that is happening physical to us. I signed the petition.

    We should be aware of anti White violence all over the world as well.