Jul 23, 2014

African Invader Rapes at Least 15 French Women to 'Fight Racism'

Please spread this video, do not let the suffering of innocents go unheard because the multicultural media refuse to report on horrible racist crimes when the victim is white.


  1. A long rope and a tall tree.

    If that was my daughter, I would have cut this piece of dirt up into small pieces, very, very slowly.

  2. What American and European whites fail to realize is that blacks are not redeemable; these are animals and should be treated as such. The black man in the video should have been euthanized on the spot with a bullet to the head. I would have offered the girl who had been raped a chance to end her sorrow committed by this animal my gun to pull the trigger.

    Up to 35,000 white women per years are raped by black males in the US, but only a handful of black women are raped by white males. A small percentage of the population (black males) preys on the weakest people in America (women, children, and the elderly), and commit most of the violent crimes. These are not human, but degenerate animals. They are taught by the liberal establishment to hate white people. However, as the South African family found out in the previous article, no amount of help or love to these animals will stop the rapes, robberies, and murders. They will spit in your face as you try to help them.

    The only fix for this situation is extermination of blacks. The two races cannot reside in peace. We see what happens when the black animal population exceeds about 15 to 20% - TOTAL CHAOS. At that point, they attack white men and women at will and usually without redress from the law. It would seem the law is afraid of them too! Look, if I walked into a room of vipers, I would kill them off.

    White people need to over the guilt trip! These are rabid ANIMALS! If a dog is mad you kill it!