Jul 22, 2014

Whites Attacked Daily in the New 'Diverse' America; Media and Political Elites Say and Do Nothing

Is this how America ends?  Being rotted away demographically from within?  A non-White America is not America, it is Post American America.

A few decades ago, when America was still White, few would believe that we would ever allow this country to fall to this level where Whites are just helpless victims of Black mobs and Black criminals.

But, today, Whites have been reduced in . . . Read more

1 comment:

  1. There are still many good white people left, but the younger generation is having its mind poisoned by leftist guilt for slavery. If the truth be known, blacks in America do much better than elsewhere in the world…especially Africa.

    There is no nation, city, state, or province led by those of African blood that has succeeded in today’s world. The sub-Saharan continent is the mudsill of global society; it citizens have become leeches to the various governments which exploit them; and yet they choose to be lethargic and dependent rather than to stand up and chose freedom like true men and women.

    Case in point, the City of Detroit: an erstwhile success story built on the backs of white entrepreneurs, but destroyed by blacks.

    Yet, the U.S. government forces white people to associate with those who are bred to hate them. Obama is now importing democrat voters from Central America to weaken the white man further, and it his attempt to defeat white people (who he hates) by flooding their land with non-whites.

    Here is my reply: ALL whites had better come out of this self-induced coma of political correctness soon, or they will become the slaves; and the non-whites will become his master.