Jul 22, 2014

Jews and Muslims Engage in Mob Warfare in the Streets of Paris

A group of 150 Jewish men were seen brandishing iron bars and cans of pepper spray as they clashed with Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris.

Video footage of the clashes show the group chanting racist slogans as they roamed the streets.

It came as President Francois Hollande warned that he did not want to see ‘the Israeli-Palestinian conflict imported into France’.

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  1. I hope the Jews pull their heads out of their "white" asses soon! We are dealing with European Jews who are basically white people having to deal with Muslim ragheads.

    What is funny is the fact that American Jews vote democrat: the very people who HATE Israel. This is the crap coming to a community near you. There is only one thing to do with ragheads: send them back to Mohammad-land, or kill them (about the same options they give Christians.) Unlike ragheads, I don't want their money, I just want to see the end of THEM!

    American Jews better pull their heads out of their butts before it is too late!