Jul 22, 2014

Media Celebrate a Peaceful Indiana Black Expo Weekend (but Fail to See the Irony of That)

Go ahead and clap.

Give yourselves a standing ovation!

Pop the champagne and celebrate.

Just don’t demand an encore, because without the “armies on the streets” none of this would have been possible; and this type of resource allocation isn’t available every weekend, when the crime and mayhem found in Indianapolis is an undeclared exposition of blackness.

Let flow the celebratory language and laudatory verbiage for . . . Read more


  1. On a similar theme, heightened police presence never being needed to maintain order and public safety in apartments populated by White people: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140722/METRO01/307220027/Increased-police-attention-Detroit-complex-sends-crime-rates-down

  2. Yeah...I read this on "Stuff Black People Don't Like"...the blog is a masterpiece and exposes black bad behavior.

    The only way to control the blacks is with brute power; that is all most blacks with an intelligence slightly higher than a chimpanzee can understand.

    The sooner we stop thinking of blacks as human the better! They are currently in a state of intellectual retardation, or arrested development. They do not now, nor will they probably ever, possess the intellect to join society. The only thing to do with these wild animals is to move them back to Africa, or to systematically and methodically put them down via euthanasia or eugenics. Sorry for my bluntness, but screw the PC crap!