Jul 23, 2014

Black Female Assaults, Robs 8-Year-Old White Girl Selling Candy Outside a Store

An 8-year-old girl selling candy outside a store in San Francisco was assaulted and robbed Monday by a woman who said she needed money for a bus fare, police said.

The girl was selling candy with other children outside a store in the City's Western Addition neighborhood, near Divisadero and Eddy streets, about 1:45 p.m. Monday when the robbery took place.

Surveillance video shot by the store's security camera shows the young victim and the suspect crossed paths minutes before the attack, according to police. The footage appears to show the girl and two of her friends inside the store holding candy and cash for a school fundraiser while the suspect tried -- unsuccessfully -- to buy a beer.

"The kids had the money in a clear plastic bag, so you can see all the [$1 bills] in the bag," SFPD Officer Gordon Shyy said.

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    The first thing I noted was the race of the culprit (BLACK)!

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