Jun 30, 2014

Black Felon Kidnaps White Baby at Walmart; Is Shot in Head by Police

A Black terrorist, who the media is quick to call "mentally ill" and not a racial terrorist, kidnaped a White child right from the mother's shopping cart at a local Walmart and held a knife to the child's stomach then the child's throat.

Could it be that this Black terrorist was brainwashed from all of the White marxists and left-wingers preaching on and on about "White privilege" and he just thought slicing the throat or gutting a White child would prevent further "racial oppression?"
A man was shot and killed after he snatched a two-year-old girl out of a shopping cart and held her hostage in an Oklahoma grocery store.

The surveillance video shows the dramatic moments as wanted felon Sammie Wallace grabs a two-year-old girl inside the store in Midwest City.

The man grabbed the child from the shopping cart for no apparent reason and then began to hold a knife to her throat as he began to ramble and make crazy, incoherent demands.

As her mom screams for help, other shoppers call 911 and begin surrounding Wallace.
Officers spent 30 minutes negotiating with the man before he was then shot in the head at point-blank range.

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