Jul 10, 2014

The Racially-Motivated Beating of Steven Utash as a Metaphor for the White Man's Future in America

Editor's Note: This will be our future if we don't do something about it -- but it doesn't have to be this way. Our government (as are all governments of White nations) is controlled by a Jew-dominated coalition of Cultural-Marxists who absolutely hate White people. If we are to prevent this version of the future -- and ensure a brighter future for White children -- it is imperative that White men with strong White identities move into positions of power and authority in our government. 

No Justice Department funding marches, as Trayon Martin's supporters enjoyed.

 No wall-to-wall media coverage, as the posthumous crusade for justice for Trayvon became a year-long media event/sensation.

Just a city drowning in unpaid water bills and a white motorist still trying to regain full cognitive functions after an encounter with blacks in the 83 percent black city of Detroit.

Steven Utash.

Was any national media present when the sentencing occurred for those who assaulted Mr. Utash, a good samaritan daring to help a black child who purposely darted in front of his car? . . . Read more

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