Jul 21, 2014

White Man Beaten, Robbed in Park Believes Attack Was Racially Motivated

In just a matter of weeks, a man beaten and robbed in an area park will come face to face with one of the men he says attacked him. . . .

The victim, Joseph Rountree, said three others have not yet been arrested for the crime he said left him not only humiliated but physically injured.

"For a while I didn't get out hardly at all. . . . Read more

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    Some readers might have heard of a book called “White Girl Bleed A Lot”! I think a good answer to that book would be “Black Boy Bleed More”!

    I grew up in the coal fields of West Virginia, and we got along with blacks just fine.

    Here is the BIG secret! Make them answer dearly for their crimes, and if they don’t learn, then kill them.

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    OK…I said that I got along with blacks. I did! We had an understanding!

    Let me explain, many blacks are really cowards. They will back down if they fear they might be beaten. I have had three experiences with blacks in my life (so far.) In each case, I stood up to them, and in each case they backed down. I think they were testing me!

    Now that I am an older man, if I were assaulted by a black I would kill them if I could.

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