Dec 27, 2013

Violent Anti-White Crimes the 'Mainstream' Media Hide


The UK Guardian, CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, ALL of these News organizations do not want to talk about the horrible crimes committed against Greeks every day, they want to pretend that these things did not happen, but they did happen, and thousands of lives have been destroyed as a result.

Here you will see a collection of articles about these people, and what happened to them.  The human face they try to hide.

As the pace of terrorizing our people gets more and more rapid, we would like to remind people of something this Greek mass media never talks about. Common explanations by the media, both within Greece and internationally speculate on the last election using only economic examples of why 500,000 Greeks have started to trust Golden Dawn and not them.

Common explanations include things such as: 

“They are angry and suffering from austerity, and looking for a scapegoat in the immigrants.
“They are doing it merely as a protest vote to punish the main political parties, but eventually they will come back to their senses.”

“When the economy improves, the support for Golden Dawn will diminish.”

There are other reasons however, that the indigenous Greek people are trusting Golden Dawn, and that reason is the massive upsurge in violent crime against the native peoples of Greece that the media refuses to talk about with the same passion they speak against Golden Dawn. They have already appointed themselves “Judge” and made the tragic murder of a 34 year old man a tool for their political gain, despite having no evidence of Golden Dawn being responsible.

What they don’t “Judge”, and in fact go out of their way to hide are the brutal murders and crimes against Greeks all over the country.  Below is a list of crimes within the last year that have not made it into the international media:
  • On Dec. 30, 2012, a murdered male victim, 45 found at a gas station in Domokos. Charges filed against four Albanians: Premeditated manslaughter, robbery, criminal association and unlawful use of weapons.
  • On January 10th in Xanthi, Thrace two elderly women are brutally murdered. The killers entered through the window of a two story detached house where the two women lived. One of the elderly found tied to her bed while the other on the floor in a pool of blood. Three nationals from Georgia were arrested.
  • On January 18th, a 56 year old man was found murdered in his apartment on the second floor of a building in Athens. The door of the house was broken and the man tied. The forced entry is what has police believing the motive was robbery.
  • On January 30th an old woman was found murdered tied up and strangled to death with marks around the neck. Motive of murder: robbery.
  • On February 13th an elderly woman was murdered at her home in Istiea. The unfortunate old woman found already dead and in a pool of blood. Two days later the police arrested a 23 year-old Albanian responsible for the murder.
  • On February 24th, a 75 year old woman in Tragana, Lamia was robbed and left by the assailants to die of hunger and thirst, tied at both the hands and feet. Her family found her dead, the hands and feet were tied with cables lying on the floor, and covered with a blanket. The house was turned upside down which makes the most probable motive robbery, the Police investigation continues.
  • On February 26th, an elderly woman in Phaneromene, Thessaloniki was murdered by “unknown” assailants. Her son found her  gagged with a towel over the face.
  • On March 1st, a 78 year old woman was found murdered in her home in Molo Fthiotida. The woman was found hands tied behind her back, gagged and covered on a bed inside her house.
  • On March 30th Albanians shot to death a 25 year old woman Katerina, at Isthmia. The killers were the Albanians who escaped a prison in Trikala, they had pillaged for months on Greek territory tolerated by the Ministry PRO.PO., which resulted in yet another murder, this time of Greek law enforcement officer G. Andritsopoulos in Distomo Viotias on the 17th of June.
  • On April 6th an 85 year old Greek man was found dead in his apartment where he lived in Kallithea at the address of 77 Aristeidou street. The man had injuries to the head and police believe robbery was the motive.
  • On April 13th, a 30 year old man was murdered in his apartment on Phedonos street in Daphne. The 30 year old was bound and gagged,  police found a safe that had been broken in the apartment.
  • On April 15th an 82 year old woman was found dead at her home home in Vilia, Attica. According to police the old woman had injuries to the head, probably from a knife. The police attribute the crime to robbery.
So the question is, where is the condemnation by the mainstream political parties? Where are the stories of the victims in the New York times or the UK Guardian?  If the “international community” is so concerned about violence and murder in Greece, why do they have such selective compassion? 

Why does PASOK, ND, SYRIZA and the Left not want to bring this problem to the attention of the “Democratic” International Press like they do with the murder of a 34 year old man that died in a fight? Is the life of this man more important than the lives of these people? Or do they have other motives for having such passion about one and not the others?

One morning, in May of 2011 Manolis Kantaris of Athens woke up with a sense of joy, his wife was pregnant and going into labor that morning.  His child was about to be brought into the world and he grabbed his camera put it around his neck and rushed downstairs to get the car ready.

After getting to the street level of his apartment, 3 illegal immigrant men, believed to be of afghani origin, noticed the camera hanging around his neck and wanted it.

Immediately they surrounded him and took the camera, and his life. He laid bleeding to death from multiple stab wounds to the chest beneath his own home.

The death of Manolis Kantaris is part of an alarming trend, an explosion of brutal rapes and murders has begun.

A few months back, a 15 year old Greek girl Myrto Papadomihelaki on the island of Paros was walking along a rocky beach, when an illegally employed pakistani man working and living in a hotel grabbed her, bashed her skull into the rocks, and raped her while she laid unconscious.  She remains in a coma to this day.

However as disturbing as all this is, the most disturbing is the silence of the Greek left and the international media about these victims.

It is very easy to find international reports of illegal immigrants in greece being attacked, despite the attacks on indigenous Greeks being far more numerous.

Their selective compassion,  is not without reason. Syriza, KKE, AHEPA, the BBC and the countless other organizations of treachery against the indigenous Greek population, deliberately hide these things from Greek-Americans and others. If they did not hide it, people would begin to understand that Golden Dawn is rising for reasons that are not simply economic.

Golden Dawn wishes to bring back the peaceful streets Greeks used to remember, before this social experiment of the greek politicians started.

In a period of 15 years, Greece’s illegal foreign population increased from a few hundred thousand to 3.5 million today. in a country of 9.5 million indigenous Greeks.

If that is not an extreme change, than what is?  Yet these treacherous “Center Moderate” of Pasok and ND have the nerve to call Golden Dawn extreme!

While the international news media and so called “compassionate” humanists of the other parties don’t care about Manolis and Myrto, Golden Dawn does and we will continue to expose these cold, calculating degenerates and their plan to ethnically cleanse Greece of its indigenous people.

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