Dec 27, 2013

Recent 'Hate Crime' Charges of White Offender in 'Knockout Game' Shows Establishment's Anti-White Bias

Demonstrating clearly the double standard regarding the selective enforcement of "Hate Crime" laws this blog was created, in part, to expose, the federal government has elected to charge the offender of the first known case of a White-on-black "knockout game" attack with a hate crime.

Although there have been hundreds of cases in which blacks have "knockedout" Whites, few if any of the black perpetrators have been charged with a hate crime. A charge which can add a considerable amount of time to one's sentence.

This raises serious questions White Americans need to ask themselves, "Who's running our country?" If hundreds of Whites are beaten in an ongoing racially motivated epidemic, yet our government refuses to respond, and then one non-White is attacked and the federal government immediately goes into action to apply the "Hate Crime" statute, shouldn't we be concerned?

These are especially pertinent questions considering that the White man who committed the White-on-black attack did it, in part, to sound the alarm. He wanted to show that the establishment would react to his attack, whereas they've largely been silent concerning the black-on-White attacks.

Help raise awareness of the ongoing problem of black-on-White crime and the establishment's refusal to deal with the epidemic, by signing this Petition to End Racial Violence.

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