Dec 26, 2013

The War against Whites


Some people think it is unfair to highlight the violent crimes of the unwanted guests in our countries. They allude to the fact that we have violent criminals of our own, and that crime will always happen. But the point that they miss, is that every one of those crimes committed by the colonisers would have been prevented, if they had not been allowed into our countries in the first place.

Each week in Britain, there are at least two white Britons murdered by a foreigner. That means literally thousands of innocent white men, women and children have been murdered just in the UK alone. The numbers for rape are even worse. In America there is at least one rape every fifteen minutes of a white woman by a black man, while no black woman is ever raped by a white man. Every single rape and sexual assault in the capital of Norway this year, has been by a dark skinned foreigner. The completely avoidable death and rape toll of whites worldwide is staggering.

To make matters worse, the media brainwashes people into believing that these figures are the other way around, to think that it is the black man that is at risk from the white. When black criminals are wanted for crimes, the news report fails to specify the race of the criminal. When a black is the victim of a white, it is promoted as a ‘hate’ crime, and the white has his sentence increased. All the black has to do is say the white called him ‘nigger’, and the white will have his sentence doubled. If a white is attacked and says the black called him names, the court will say that was irrelevant.

If one of the unwanted guests doesn’t like being reminded of his people’s shortcomings, all he has to do is report the critic and if he is white, then he can be locked up for ‘inciting racial hatred’. If they cannot get a job because they lack the skills, then they can accuse the employer of being ‘racist’ and force him to employ them. If they lose their job through incompetence, they can claim they were sacked due to ‘racism’ and can sue for damages. If they are incapable of passing the test required to be considered for a post, then they have groups that lobby the government to have the test reduced for them. Quotas are put in place to force departments to employ foreigners, regardless of their merit, and universities lower their standards to include them.

A reason put forward for why we should put up with all this is that we are all human, and therefore we should share what we have with the other races. Well, nobody has an inborn right to help themselves to what someone else has saved up for their posterity, all being human is no excuse to let foreigners into our lands. We are all British where I live, but that does not mean that I can walk into my neighbours house, start living there, help myself to his possessions and rape and murder his daughter.

The fraudulent money system and intrusive police state that people get so excited about pales into insignificance, when you realise the seriousness of what this unchecked immigration into every white country means. We are in the middle of a war, there may not be grenades and rocket launchers, but the end result is the same. We have lost hundreds of thousands of men worldwide to this war against the white man. Millions of our women have been raped, and our children abused and molested. We have been turned into a slave class, paying a large percentage of our earnings to keep our invaders housed, fed, educated and medically treated.

Any time one of our people suffers a hideous demise by one of their troops, instead of pointing out how it could have been prevented and denouncing the perpetrators, we try to placate those who hate us by setting up anti-racism groups, to prevent people like me pointing these things out and protecting others from it happening to them. The single biggest predictor of violent crime in an area is the percentage of blacks that reside in it, and the single biggest cause of femicide is being married to a black man. These are facts that could seriously harm or even kill you, if you are unaware of them, yet to point them out in some white countries means risking arrest.

Social engineering in the media portrays the invaders as hard working and caring, they never commit crimes and are honest people who don’t discriminate between the races. Nothing could be more far from the truth! Only the white man could be so gullible as to believe that other races do not have a preference for their own kind, and that they all have the same sense of justice that he has.

Our children are no longer taught their own glorious history, but are instead taught other nations’ made up histories, and how our people have persecuted the rest of the world. Instead of pointing out how 99% of everything in the modern world was invented by us, they are taught that we stole it all from the rest. Instead of hearing about how we freed the slaves, they are taught that we enslaved them.

For the first time in history, we actually have a governing elite who are intent on wiping us all out and replacing us. This has happened because we have broken the second most important natural law of all, never let a stranger rule over you. In every white country the government is infested with Jews. In the UK the prime minister is a Jew, the leader of the opposition is a Jew, and the referee between them is a Jew. The leader of the Scottish Parliament is a Jew. The biggest lobby in America is the Jewish lobby and Obama’s cabinet is swarming with them. They even have their own European Jewish Congress, that dictates to the European Union what laws to make and which policies to follow.

The simplest answer to a question is usually the correct one, and the simplest answer as to why our countries and people are falling apart, is that we have been infiltrated and taken over by a hostile foreign force, intent on making war upon us. That force is International Jewry and it has been our enemy since before we first discovered it’s existence. We have had to expel them from our countries in Europe 109 times in the last 1800 years. There is no other group of people that we have had to expel. We are a friendly folk who are known for sharing what we have with others. To have been forced to eject a group of people from our countries, they had to have been collectively guilty of some very serious crimes. In fact the Court cases of the time prove that they were, but you would be unaware of this, if you believed the Jews nonsense about libel and neglected to investigate it for yourself.

In every white country it has been Jewish lobby groups and Jewish politicians that pushed through the insane changes to our immigration laws, that facilitated this war against our people. The laws that took away our freedom to speak out against the foreign criminals, were also lobbied for and passed by Jews. The same with our right to free association, that would have protected our jobs, universities, hospitals and towns for our people only. All the changes in law that led to us being colonised, raped and murdered by foreign barbarians were brought about by Jews.

The main thrust of their invading army is composed of Muslims. Although it may seem that Jews and Muslims are incompatible due to problems with Israel in the Middle East, this is mainly just a front. The groups set up to counter ‘Islamaphobia’ (a word thought up by Jews, along with homophobia and soon to be paedophobia) are all allied with Jewish groups and funded with Jewish money. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Quatar pay lip service to the Palestinians, whilst working with Israel to destabilise Syria and Iran. It was Jews that opened the city gates in Spain so that the Muslims could invade and occupy the country for 800 years, and it is Jews who have now thrown open the gates of Europe, America and Australasia to them.

All our problems could be solved within a few years if we just obeyed the law of nature and God, and separated ourselves from the invading hordes and their duplicitous masters. There would be no more need for terrorism legislature if there were no more Muslims in our lands. There would be no perceived need to take guns away, if there were no negroes using them to settle arguments and steal shiny things. There would be no more evictions and foreclosures if the Jews were no longer running our banking system. But even more important than all of that, no white man, woman, or child, would ever be killed or raped by a foreigner in their own homeland, ever again.

It would not be difficult to get this done, it would be a simple matter for the armies to patrol our borders and treat all aliens as enemy combatants. We never even needed an army to do it years ago, it was just second nature to everyone to defend their territory from foreign usurpers. The settlers already here could be given incentives to go back to their homelands, and any still here after a certain time could be forcibly rounded up.

All it would take to initiate this, is for enough of our people to realise that a war is being waged against us. All the points listed above, should help in demonstrating that to them. The rules of war would then apply. This is being generous, since our enemies have not actually declared war on us, their criminal actions against our people are acts of terrorism. It is nothing personal against them, a just war never is, it is strictly about the law of necessity and fighting for your right to survive. We are being invaded because our governments have been hijacked. It is our natural duty to take the reins back from the Jews, and to free our lands from their foreign devils. Unless this is done first, all other political, criminal and economic solutions will fail, for we cannot unite with what nature has decreed we should be struggling against.

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