Jun 16, 2014

Training Them Young to Hate & Brutalize Whites: Black Female Brutally Beats 10-Year-Old White Girl

Here’s video of a 13-year-old black girl who brutally beat a 10-year-old white girl on her neighborhood sidewalk. During the ‘diversity’ beat-down, the black girl called her a “cracker” and she’s alleged to have stated on other occasions how much she hates whites. Oh, the wonders of ‘diversity’! Isn’t the multiracial rainbow beautiful? What a true blessing the civil rights movement has been to white Americans!

Cleveland police are actually looking into this as a ‘hate crime.’ This is what they’ll say at first, but after things settle down, they’ll kiss it off as just a ‘mutual combat’ between two people and nothing more. Due to the young black girl’s age, no judge in contemporary Amerika would dare allow her to be convicted of a racial ‘hate crime.’ At best, she’ll be given some mandatory counseling sessions. Her terror campaign against little white girls probably won’t stop, but she’ll make sure to not be as vocal the next time she gives someone a beat-down.

The point is that such brutality doesn’t occur in a vacuum. This is learned. This is encouraged. This is a part of the black girl’s culture. The fact that she’s living with her grandparents suggests to me that mommy and daddy aren’t in the picture. Or maybe like Trayvon Martin, mommy can’t control the feral little beast?

This incident illustrates the double-standard when it comes to black and white relations in the U.S. If the level of savagery that we see constantly on the news were the result of what whites were doing to blacks, there would national protests. There would be continuous stories throughout every news outlet. But when its black-on-white brutality, very little is said. No protests. No outrage. There’s merely an ‘oh well’ kind of attitude because many blacks and DWLs inwardly think whites deserve it. . . . See more


  1. Hahah white girl leaked!

  2. Someone attacking and beating your child is a lethal force, self-defense situation. Most places in the US you do not even have to warn them off and can just shoot them.

    And you should.

  3. Let the race war begin! The USA needs to go back to slavery, the lash and the noose. It's the only thing the subhuman, feral ni99er understands!