Dec 19, 2013

If Obama had a son: Black male rapes & beats elderly nun


Maybe he saw The Butler, and realized how evil white people were in the past century.

Perhaps he saw 12 Years a Slave, and realized how much more evil white people were in the century prior that century of white evil.

Or, he had heard a lecture on white privilege by the likes of Tim Wise, realizing the only way to ensure Bill de Blasio hopes of a nation-sweeping liberalism requires the elimination of white people (and hey, this kid looks like de Blasio's boy, Dante de Blasio!!).

Obviously, he thought he'd have a black judge preside over his eventual trial, knowing that if black judges have a racial sympathy for black claimants in discrimination suits, perhaps they'll have an intrinsic understanding in how bigoted the judicial system is to the brothers. [8-year study: Black federal judges 'conditioned' to go easy on fellow blacks, Washington Examiner, 12-12-13]

Could he have been upset about the George Zimmerman verdict, considering he was channeling Travyon Martin (wearing a black hooded sweatshirt) when he was apprehended? . . .

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